The Magic Behind the Y Free In Home Design Service From Inspiration to Installation

The Magic Behind the ‘Y’

When a customer walks in the front door of our store, they always stop at the front and try to take in what they just walked into. They tell us it feels and looks different, in a cool way. Like a step back in time. Like they discovered a furniture time machine in the making. The aura, the style and vibe we give off. It’s not pretentious or over-the-top sales. It’s proactively friendly, warm and inviting. Everyone is part of the Yetzer family here. It’s probably also because we are some 75+ years old, all this time in the same building. Our old but, maintained building appearance, the squeaky steps and floors and being in small downtown America is a perfect personal retail relationship in the making. We are insulated enough from the Twin Cities to not be called a suburb but, close enough that it’s well worth the short drive to experience Yetzer’s.

There are no entry-level brands in the entire store. Everything we carry is mid-to-upper end. Think Edina, France Avenue type of high quality store without the high prices. We don’t have the overhead because we aren’t in Edina on France Avenue. Simple enough.

Most of our sales are custom special orders. And just because it’s custom, does not mean it’s expensive. Think of it like this, everything we carry in our store was customized for our store. If it was ordered for you, it would be the same price. Think about it. Going custom does not mean expensive, it means you get what you want. This is peace of mind knowing you are going to be happy.

We know buying custom ordered furniture, floors, blinds and such can be a daunting process. Yetzer’s offers not only the products, but also the experts who know the process to help guide you through your selections. Shop with confidence knowing that our team will partner and guide you through all of your home fashions selections. And with our FREE in-home design services you will have a project manager as well as a creative mind to guide you. Our in-house selection of furniture, flooring & surfaces, art, decor, rugs, window fashions and lighting allow you to make the majority of your home selections all from our location. Your designer is supported by our sales support team, together they will help create and set up the home of your dreams to be enjoyed for generations.