Do You Have A Home Emergency Kit?

We normally don’t think to be prepared for an emergency until it is too late. Below is a list of items you should have in your home emergency kit.

- Water - Plan for 1 gallon per person per day and don’t forget your furry friends!
- Battery-operated electronics - A battery or crank radio, cell phones with battery pack for charging, charger cords, and lots of spare batteries in different sizes
- Easy to prepare food - Again, don’t forget your pets!
- First aid kit - First aid supplies, flashlights and medications
- Protected documents - Important documents should be stored in a waterproof bag or off site in a safety deposit box.
- Extra cash and emergency contact information
- Blankets, sleeping bags, and personal items

General Home Preparation
- Bring anything in from outside that can act as a projectile
- Find your “safe haven” inside the house. Avoid windows. The basement, inner rooms and below the stairs are good places.
- Look over your homeowner’s policy. You might want to ask your agent to go over damage and replacement costs with you ahead of time. Do you even have or need flood insurance?

Know Your Weather Lingo
- A “watch” means that hazardous weather is possible. It does not mean that they will occur.
- A “warning” is issued when a storm is imminent. When a tornado warning is issued, seek safe shelter immediately.
- A “heat advisory” is issued when the heat index is expected to reach 100 to 104 degrees within the next 12-24 hours.
- A “winter weather advisory” will be issued for any freezing rain or when 2-4 inches of snow is expected to cause a significant inconvenience, but not serious enough to warrant a warning.

Home Improvements That Help With Energy Efficiency

- Caulk around windows and doors to make sure all cracks and holes are sealed
- Add area rugs to your tile and wood floors. This helps add an extra layer of insulation
- Window coverings can significantly improve your energy efficiency by preventing heat loss and solar heat retention by at least 30% or more
- Buy insulated garage doors and exterior doors
- Add insulation throughout your home. Experts recommend that you add insulation if you haven’t done so in more than 20 years
- Reverse your ceiling fans. Running them counter clockwise makes it cooler during the summer months and running them clockwise in the winter helps circulate warm air back into the room
- Replace your furnace filters. Generally speaking, filters should be replaced every month during the heating season.
- Replace your outdated furnace. Check out the U.S. Department of Energy’s do-it-yourself energy audit on their website.

How Purchasing A Good Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep And You Don’t Need To Break The Bank!

How long does the average mattress retain its support and comfort? That question remains unanswered, but Oklahoma State University did a study by having their participants sleep on mattresses 5 years old or older and then new ones. The average age of the old mattresses were 9.5 years old. They used the same set of variables for old and new mattresses. Through the university’s research they found that a new mattress improved sleep quality by 62%, sleep comfort by 70.8%, reduced back pain by 55.3%, and back stiffness by 50.7% over a four-week period. The reduction in pain and improvement in sleep became even more prominent over time. Oklahoma State University also studied the participants’ stress levels on their old mattress and again on their new mattress. They found that both stress behavior and symptoms were greatly reduced. Additionally, a follow up after six months indicated that the stress levels remained as low as or lower than those recorded a month after the introduction of the new mattress. Oklahoma State University’s findings overall strongly suggest that a new mattress system can significantly improve sleep variables and that continuous and sustained sleep quality may be dependent on timely replacement of mattress systems.

Most of us do recognize the importance of a good mattress system for improved health, but a lot of us don’t have the budget to spend $4500 or more on a mattress we think will give us that good night’s sleep. What people don’t realize is they don’t have to spend as much as they think to get a high quality mattress. Why do you think some of those mattresses are so expensive? Do you think it’s because it’s better made or has higher quality materials? Actually, those more well known, expensive brands cost more due to advertising dollars. They spend so much on advertising that the money has to come from somewhere and that is usually by charging more for the mattress. There are high quality, comparable mattresses out there for sale that offer similar benefits for a fraction of the cost. The reason being they don’t spend their money on advertising, but on creating a high quality mattress and then relying on the furniture store to sell the mattress for them.

One such mattress company that you probably haven’t heard of is the Englander Mattress Company. This mattress company was started in 1894 by Max Englander in New York. His vision was simple: To provide a mattress system for consumers who wanted a more comfortable night’s sleep. The Englander mattress provides state of the art design for the ultimate in sleep comfort. They offer a variety of mattresses to choose from that are equivalent to the more expensive brands. Yetzer’s has been a retailer for Englander Mattresses for many years due to the low cost and high quality.

If you’ve been having health problems, increased stress, aches and pains it may be time to replace your current mattress system with a new one. Come into Yetzer’s and learn more about the Englander Mattress brand, try one or several of their mattresses out, and find yourself on the road to improved health!

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency And Style With Window Treatments

You’ve bought new furniture, applied fresh paint and even changed your flooring, but your room still feels like it is lacking something. Also, your room feels drafty and cold in the winter and hot in certain areas in the summer. It may be time to take a look at your window coverings. Gone are the days of the plain metal, horizontal, white blinds we are used to. The variety of window coverings available today can change your window to match your room’s style making it more stylish and updated. Also, your window coverings can change your room’s lighting. The right light can change everything from your room’s style to your mood.

Windows do more than just allow light in and offer a view. They’re also like a valve that allows heat and cold to flow through the glass very easily. Your home can lose up to 50% of it’s heating and cooling energy through your windows. Hunter Douglas offers a variety of energy-efficient styles in a range of insulation levels to help reduce heat loss in the winter or solar heat gain in the summer. A study done with an infrared camera showed the Hunter Douglas Duette Architella shades had a reduction of unwanted solar heat through the windows by 80% and a reduction of 40% heat loss in the winter. No matter where you live, Hunter Douglas has a window covering that will help conserve energy at the window and offer you year round comfort. The energy efficiency Hunter Douglas provides your windows is a smart investment for your home for many years to come.

Hunter Douglas has mastered the art of window dressing. They are not only stylish and versatile, but energy efficient with modern operating systems, child safety, light control and motorization. Superior products are a given, but it’s the experienced dealers,

like Yetzer’s, that make Hunter Douglas special. Yetzer’s can offer a wealth of design and product knowledge by helping you find the right window covering, fabrics, and options that best fit your specific needs, as well as provide precise measurement and installation. With Yetzer’s, you can count on well-informed advice and outstanding customer service every step of the way. Please call Yetzer’s to set up an appointment to visit our Hunter Douglas design room at 952-442-4242. The benefits of a Hunter Douglas window covering are not only energy efficiency, but also a dramatically beautiful window.

Looking for some inspiration?

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